Workshop with Artist Christine Sun Kim in Athens and Hydra

20 May 2014

The Onassis Cultural Center, in collaboration with the U.S. Embassy and the Athens School of Fine Arts, is organizing a unique workshop with renowned artist Christine Sun Kim, May 20 – June 1, 2014.

Christine lives in New York, but works, exhibits and gives speeches in many places around the world. She was born deaf and uses the American Sign Language. Her work is innovative and focuses equally on the visual itself and on sound as a visual phenomenon. You can find more information about her work on her site, and at the video below.



The workshop organized and hosted at the Onassis Cultural Center will be admission-free. Interested artists should apply at

Christine will work with a mixed group of participants: deaf and hard of hearing artists – visual, performance, sound and media artists et al. – and hearing artists. During the workshop, participants will explore ideas such as the notion of communication, language and sound; the notion of experimenting with different media and material; the expansion and play with non-conventional art forms and technology. Christine's aim is to collaborate with the group of artists in an environment that allows for experimentation, where participants can work together and become familiar with each other's ideas and skills.


Workshop Christine-Sun-Kim-image2


The workshop's schedule includes:
- Daily sessions from 17:00-20:00, at the Onassis Cultural Center (170 Syggrou Avenue), Tuesday May 20 – Friday May 30.
- During the weekend of May 23-25, all participants will travel to Hydra, to the Annex of the School of Fine Arts to continue their collaborative work. The Rector of the School, George Harvalias, has generously offered the Annex free of charge for the accommodation and studio work of all participants. The cost of the ferry tickets (departure Friday afternoon via flying dolphin from Piraeus and return Sunday evening) and meals during the stay in Hydra will be covered by each participant separately.
- The program concludes on Sunday, June 1, with the presentation-performance of the workshops' outcome at the OCC.

The workshop will be conducted in the American Sign Language by Christine, with simultaneous translation in the Greek Sign Language and in English (voice).

For participation in the workshop, please send your CV and a brief personal statement (paragraph) on your interest to join the program. There is no age limit. Prerequisite for your participation is your commitment to attend all sessions of the workshop, from the start on May 20 to the end on June 1, including the trip to Hydra.

For more information please call 213-017-8290 and/or 213-017-8002 (Department of Educational Programs, OCC).



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