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The Mosaiko website is a new initiative of the U.S. Embassy Athens that aims to explore the many ways around the world that U.S. and Greek citizens connect to make the world a better place. From the arts to technology, sports to education, Greeks and Americans have created a network of ties—a mosaic of ties—that enlighten, teach, enliven, and change the world in positive ways. aims to illuminate these efforts through creative interviews, articles, and direct conversation with our users. We also aim to do it all with an informal and interactive style. So, please go explore and send us a comment letting us know what you'd like to see. Enjoy!

How Mosaiko works
There are three basic types of products on Mosaiko. The lion's share of the content we plan to provide are interviews, podcasts, weblogs, and other products that are created by Embassy or Consulate authors or our Greek and Greek-American friends. Each of these will touch or expand on some aspect of a program where Greeks and Americans are working in creative ways to better society. Each of these is explained below, but in general, look for in-depth content on programs and events in Greece or weblogs by Greeks and Americans with a Greek touch. The second type of materials are articles or products from third-party sources, such as book excerpts or relevant articles from the U.S. Department of State's Info Central website. We'll use these when we find something we think our readers might like.

The final type of material comes from you, the website user. There's an opportunity to provide your feedback or input in nearly all sections of the website, and we hope you will. We view Mosaiko as a way to interact with our Greek hosts in new and exciting ways. So we hope you'll write in and let us know what you think about our products. We'll keep your thoughts in mind as we add new content.

One quick note: if you're looking for consular information, or information about U.S. foreign policy, let us direct you to our official homepages, and, or, the official website of the U.S. Department of State. You can find all kinds of official information there, and even submit a question directly to the U.S. Ambassador, if you'd like. Here at Mosaiko, we're staying focused on what some would call the "soft" side of the relationship—all those non-foreign policy areas where Greek and U.S. citizens connect.

We update the site every Thursday, so please come back soon!

More about products
In our Mosaiko Features and Snapshot section you'll find exclusive articles, interviews, and other materials about the creative interaction between Greek and U.S. citizens. For instance, we might conduct an exclusive interview with a Greek performer in the U.S. or a podcast with an American jazz musician working in Greece. Whatever the topic, our features aim to inform, educate and entertain interested readers. We'll update our features and snapshot sections most Thursdays at noon.

You'll find a new topic explored a little more in-depth every month in our Focus section. Our inaugural issue focused on a topic near and dear to Mosaiko: New Media, the ever-increasing ways people are using the Internet to reach out and be heard, and included articles on blogging, citizen journalism, and high-tech philanthropy.

Our Dialogos section is our communications hub with our users. We're just starting out, so it's a little thin right now, but in the future this section will feature blogs, user forums, and webchats. We'll be evaluating and expanding this section routinely over the next few months, so keep checking back for more or add your name to our e-mail list so we can tell you when new products are available.

Finally, because our site isn't updated daily, we encourage our users to sign up for our e-mail alerts and RSS feeds. By adding your e-mail to our database, you tell us that you'd like to receive an e-mail alert every Thursday afternoon letting our users know what new Mosaiko content has been posted. Or, you can opt to receive certain content automatically, by adding our RSS products to your newsreader or podcast catcher.

Several sections of the website offer you the opportunity to make public comments in response to Mosaiko articles, blogs, and features. We'll try to reply when possible and will ask our contributors to do the same. Like any website, we'll enforce some rules in the comment areas, but we're really looking forward to hearing from you.

We will offer as much content as possible in Greek. Some of our contributors will write or record in Greek, and our staff will translate other materials. If you have a specific article you'd like to see translated, send us a request, and we'll let you know if we can do it.

Finally, because this is a government-funded website, you might be wondering how information from your visit here will be used. We don't want to get overly technical here, so here's the general idea: we do collect anonymous site usage statistics so we can tailor the site to our users, but we don't collect e-mails and other personal information, unless you ask us to be on our mailing list. We also do not endorse any of the non-State Department material on the site. That's the gist, but if you want the details, read our disclaimers and/or privacy notice.

That's it for the introductions. We're going to get back to producing great content, and let you start browsing. We hope you enjoy the site.

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